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  • If you were able to clone yourself, how would you divide your duties? See all answers
    • Do It Yourself. That's What My Clones Would Tell Me.
    • Cloning myself. How would I divide up my duties?

      Sigh. Immediately the first thing that came to my mind was - if I clone myself, will I feel collectively tired?

      Probably not. Since we'd all be individual versions of myself.

      But you see, individual versions of myself would probably do what I do right now. And that would be to say "you can just f**k off with that and do it yourself".

      I mean, technically speaking, if my clones are exactly the same as me, why would they agree to doing any of the duties that I dish out? I barely bother with the duties I give myself and complete them with my teeth clenched and my mind thinking about sleep. That's just how I've developed over the years so they'll be the same as well.

      Unless there's some kind of wire in them that makes them obedient and ties us altogether in some conscious way.

      In which case all I can think is the same thing. We'll all feel incredibly exhausted at the shear task of sharing out duties. I'd prefer to just clench my teeth, grin and bear going about my business as per usual. And I'll have all these weird clones around me for no good apparent reason.

      Unless . . .

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