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  • What is your favorite smell? Describe that smell in detail. How does it make you feel? See all answers
    • The Gift of the Magi.
    • I would have to say it would be Frankincense and Myrrh. I believe we'd once bought the small vial of the annointing oil at a local Christian bookstore we frequented. Though it's been two decades since I had smelled the fragrant mixture of natural oils I can still remember how it had affected me! Moreover how it had brought to mind that most blessed day when Peace entered this world.
      Spicy, rich, heady, and sweet, yet not at all cloying aroma, it has been in great demand, and even used by merchants of old as currency in certain cultures, and well established civilizations for thousands of years. At times the cost was prohibitive for the majority of mankind so it is one of the rare but precious gifts to us which has so many healing properties.
      For whatever reasons I can not honestly recall everything in minute detail, it is enough for me to be able to tell any who may possibly read this that the one simple act of opening the small bottle, putting my nose near the rim of the glass and breathing it in had given me a profound joy. So I shall cherish that memory, holding onto the sense of wonder, and awe it evoked that has to this day caused me to be ever more grateful to my Maker for His creation.

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