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  • If you could choose to learn any skill in the world, what skill would you choose to learn? See all answers
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    • If we lived in a world like 'The Matrix' where skills and information could be instantly uploaded into one's brain through a cable screwed in the base of your skull, then I would want quite a few skills to help get me through this life.

      My number one skill to learn would be: self defense. Sure it's sounds easy and I could probably actually gain this skill once I have the time [and get in shape], and with the way the world is going it would definitely be a great help to myself and those around me if I could literally kick someone's ass. As it is now I've never even thrown a decent punch before so yeah, this would be my top priority to learn.

      And, of course, if it was possible to learn multiple skills and be the most awesome person around, I would definitely want to include:

      - cook like a pro
      - become multilingual
      - understand and predict the stock market

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