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  • If you could choose to learn any skill in the world, what skill would you choose to learn? See all answers
    • What's your skill?
    • Speak all languages fluently esp. French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic & Spanish
      Play guitar like the best of them - electric, acoustic and especially Flamenco
      Performing neat magic tricks that will dazzle the crowd
      Piloting a small plane
      Sing like Roy Orbison-Bruce Dickinson-Ronnie James Dio
      Do amazingly accurate & funny impressions of celebrities - especially, James T Kirk aka William Shatner!
      Do successful stand up comedy
      Play the drums like Neil Peart or Nicko McBrain
      Play the stock market like a successful pro
      Draw and paint well, especially portraits
      Build things with my hands & tools, like sculpting or stuff like that

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