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  • If you could wake up tomorrow as any other human being in the world, which person would you choose to be and why? See all answers
    • Fa woods Ah be? but fa am Ah?
    • If i could wake up tomorrow as any other human being in the world which person would I choose to be,
      Well thats tough though I know which person I will choose not to be, as us, I haven’t really defined myself and am crunched into toher people’s fantasies for me I really feel eaten alive.
      I would like to be another side of myself, wild, adventurous, and daring. After all every human being has so many skins inside covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things but not ourselves. How many skins do you think would be there? Thirty? Forty? Maybe like those onions we peel.
      I really don’t know how to solve this jigsaw called me. Like C.Joybell C. Notes, to know a species look at its fears. To know yourself, look at your fears. Fear in itself is not important, but fear stands there and points in the direction of things that are important. Don’t be afraid of your fears, they’re not there to scare you; they are there to let know that something is worth it.

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    StratPlayer said:
    Most likely none of us will ever live long enough to be completely plumbed
    Is that so bad?
    posted over 2 years ago
    parwatisingari said:
    :) not really but sometimes wishful thinking is a stress buster.
    posted over 2 years ago