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  • Which food, when you eat it, instantly transports you to childhood? See all answers
    • Childhood food
    • That would be "ugnsstekt falukorv med potatismos", or oven roasted falu-sausage with mashed potatoes. You take the big sausage, cut slits in it, stuff cheese and apple pieces in them and just pop it into the oven. The mashed potatoes you do during the time that it cooks. I liked it so much we had it at least once a week. In fact i ate it so much growing up that i find it hard to eat it now. The best part, however, was not the meal itself but what could be done with the leftovers. Mum would take the mashed potaoes, ad some eggs, flower and milk and fry them like small pancakes. I would usially have that for lunch then the day after, with crisp bacon and lingon-berry jam on the side. Just rhinking of that now makes my mouth water. Perhaps I'll be making some mashed potatoes tonight...

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