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    • A message to my future self
    • Greetings

      Rather formal, I know, but I'm not sure if the two of us would be on a first name basis. I mean, I haven't seen you in 74 years. I doubt I'd even recognize you. Regardless, I do have many questions. It is unfortunate that the linear nature of our existence forbids you from directly responding to this message. I would love to know if you ever made it in your chosen career, or if current religions have been replaced by new ones, or if Fox News is still around. However, since I cannot gain those answers, I will not pursue the topic. Instead, I will focus on what I do know, the present day.

      In the present, we do not yet have your technological advances. People don't typically live much past their 80's with very few living to be over 100. In this respect, I am glad we have this chance to talk. Television is still two-dimensional, though some are gaining depth in various ways. The world has "ended" many times in my life so far, and I image there have been many chances for you to laugh at these same people as well. Some things never change.

      You might be rich, you might be poor. You may have made it in life or been cast aside. In any case, I want you to remember that you were happy once, as I am happy now. Your life will always be complex, but it doesn't always have to be complicated. Keep the simple joys in your life: Love, Happiness, Laughter. With these things, who knows. I might eventually get to meet you, the being that I become, and I might even read this letter, look back at this moment, and smile.

      Here's to another hundred.

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