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    • Dear 100-year-old me
    • So... looks like you made it! I never doubted that you would. Oh, well maybe once or twice, when I had a particularly bad case of gall stone attack, or one of those odd twinges we get in the chest from time to time.

      Did you make it unscathed by the cancer and heart disease that plagued so many of the family on both sides? Or did you battle on, despite the hiccups and hitches? Obviously, you got over the depression, or learned to cope with it to the extent that the suicidal thoughts weren't a huge issue anymore.

      I wonder how many 'end of the world'/s you've lived through now? As I write this, the end of the world has just passed us by yet much for the Mayan Calendar predictions, huh?

      Since our birth in 1963, the tally of apocalyptic predictions is up into the forties. From the return of Christ, to apocalyptic race wars, to being sucked into a black hole by the Large Hadron Collider, we have faced and lived through them all. No doubt, from where you're sitting to read this, there have been at least 40 more predictions. I hope you drank a toast to each and every one of them.

      So anyway, I just wanted to wish you a hearty congratulations on making it all the way there. Wasn't that 'half-way there' party we threw in August 2013 a blast? I hope and pray that all your kids are still with you and that you have got some grand-kids...maybe even some great grand-kids by now.

      With the advances in medical science (have you got any cybernetics installed?), I reckon you might just make it to 200 if you set your mind to it. We were nothing, if not stubborn, after all!

      Rock on!
      You know you want to.

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