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  • What is your worst quality as a human? Describe it in detail, and why you think it’s bad. See all answers
    • Don't be so irascible
    • I think my worst quality is easily becoming irritated by other peoples stupidity. The actions without thinking, the judgement without reflecting their own, and simply absent-minded. I wish to correct or at least point out, but then I also don't like to embarras or humiliate anyone; I guess that's because I know the feeling, even when it's undeserved.
      I'm not sure if this is bad, but I sometimes feel it hurts a person. I empathize more for people, but when it comes down to this issue, I'm irritated. lol.
      I think I am a patient person, but holding back and biting my tongue is always hard. I think it shows more in my facial or body expressions.
      So this new year will be a new challenge for me to be more tolerant.

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