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  • What is your worst quality as a human? Describe it in detail, and why you think it’s bad. See all answers
    • My worst quality: Judging
    • My worst quality is probably that I judge people too quickly. I've been noticing I do it a lot. I think it's kind of like a defense mechanism for me: I meet them, and if they seem like someone that would hurt me later on, I choose right then and there to not interract with them. It's gotten very bad, to the point where I feel I can hardly trust anyone.

      And I don't even mean to do it most of the time. I just find myself thinking, "Oh, that guy's pretty cute and popular around here. He must be a jerk." or "Ew, just look at her hair, it's horrible! And she wears that same jacket every day. Doesn't she care what she looks like at all?"

      I don't even give these people a chance before I've decided I don't want to know them. It makes me so mad. First impressions may be important, but they should still get a chance to talk with me and see if we could be friends. More often that not, the people I end up striking off my list at the beginning are the only ones I can trust, and the people I had deemed "friends" are the ones stabbing me in the back.

      After having it happen almost every time we've moved, you'd think I would've learned by now! But nooo, every new place we go I end up judging people, and then discovering their worth and becoming close at the last minute. If only I could look past what I see on the outside, we would be even closer!

      The more I think about it, the more I hate that I do this. Yet I have no idea how to stop, or what will happen if I do.

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