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  • Describe your ideal job — where would you work? What would you do? See all answers
    • My ideal job.....
    • I like what I do now which involves a lot of data entry and manipulation with excel spreadsheets. Although I am part of team I am also more or less a solitary worker; just me and my spreadsheet.

      I won't go into details but a criticism I would make of my current job is that it is too much oriented around the idol of materialism: far too much emphasis on money and things. Don't get me wrong I do like money as much as the next person but I think our entire culture loves it far too much.

      So my ideal job would probably be a lot like what I do now, lots of data and spreadsheets and would fit my basically introverted personality while still allowing for some friendly interaction with co-workers. And ideally would involve something more humanitarian than chasing after the big bucks.

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