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    • January 10, 2013 by n_gzz
    • A kind memory
    • My 6th birthday party. I remember the magnitude of it. We lived on about an acre of land and my parents rented a huge tent and hired clowns and such. There was face-painting and piñata-breaking. Many of my family members were there-- probably more than I remember having. Boys and girls dressed in their nicest clothes and tons of gifts. One of my aunts elected herself as ringleader of the party, organizing the games and stringing the kids along from event to event. She did a great job. I remember I wore a jean skirt and a white t-shirt I had painted myself. I gave my t-shirt a big huge name-plate. I used bright pink paint. It was a total delight. I can't remember exactly what my mom and dad were doing, but as I think of this story, my moms beautiful face comes to mind. Her warm smile and my dad's enthusiastic character. I'm sure my mom and I spent the entire time near each other and my dad was somewhere grilling meat and entertaining the adults.

      What a wonderful day.

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