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    • My earliest memory is more like a jumble of events that really made no sense whatsoever. It begins with me on the kitchen floor, I am playing with one of those weird spray/fan do whackies from the themes park. The ones where you can spray water out and have a little fan to cool off...they are pretty much useless. That's ok though, because I was really little and I found them fascinating. I keep spraying it, but then it is gone. So I'm not really sure what happened there. Then I remember a watermelon slice and those annoying black seeds. I am still on the floor, and I am trying to eat it, but the stupid black seeds keep getting in the way, and of course every time I accidentally put one in my mouth I have to spit it out, so it is a pretty long process. I think someone ended up helping me though, because I was finally able to eat it. It was quite yummy if I remember correctly. That's the end of it.

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