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  • In a nightmare, you’ve encountered three doors. Choose one, and let us know what you find on the other side. See all answers
    • Three? There's alway more'n three Doors
    • Ahhhhhhhh
      Front door
      Back door
      Side door
      The doors
      In my youth I always entered through the front
          Often found people trying to do me harm
      As I went along, I thought Hmmm, maybe the side door
          Them people had snuck around and were waiting for me there also
      So I says to myself "Self how's bout the back door"
          Well people just be people
          Seems there'd be another door
      The Doors
      Come on baby light my fire
      Get up on the roof
      Pack your pipe
      Led Zeppelin
      Take a Stairway rather than a door

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