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  • If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why? See all answers
    • Where in the world?
    • Ooh...I have two ideas.

      1. Paris, France. I would choose Paris for the culture. It's covered in history, beauty, art, and all that food. I have yet to experience true French cuisine, although with lactose-intolerance it might make things interesting. I would also move to Paris to learn the French language. They say there is no better way to learn the language than to learn it from living there. My French is so-so, so I wouldn't be dead or get lost trying to find my way around. But I definitely need to learn conversational French.

      2. Dublin, Ireland. Right now, it's cold and gray in Ireland. I wouldn't be bothered by it, because I have lived in New England. Besides, I would love to explore the city and learn its history. As if you couldn't tell, history is something that greatly appeals to me. And Ireland is steeped in it. I would love to explore St. Stephen's Green, see the cliffs of Howth, and walk around the shops. Also I would love to try a Guinness in a pint glass.

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