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  • If you had to evacuate your home in an instant, what five items would you grab on your way out? See all answers
    • Emergency EVACUATE!!! Wait? I need these!
    • Whenever I thought about what type of items I would grab in an instant, I kinda thought that it would be either logical and rational items... You know, like Wallet, Important Files of some sort, Cell Phone, and something else...

      However I realized that isn't what I would normally do.. especially when I panic.

      I would probably first grab my wallet, but only if it was nearby me or on me.

      Next would probably be my Messenger bag, because there are usually important things I would have in there. But that would take up 2- 3 objects already.

      So the last thing I would grab, mind you may seem silly. But I would grab this Blue stuffed bear I had since I was 2. Although I am an adult now... I don't think I could bare to have to lose Berry behind, and even though I don't even play or use the bear anymore, I have plans for him.

      Berry is going to be either my child's, or nephew/niece's bear one day... I don't plan to lose him before then.

      1) Wallet.
      2) Messenger Bag
      3) Item in messenger bag. [Could be cards, external hard drive or games]
      4) Item in messenger bag. [Could be cards, external hard drive, or games]
      5) Berry the blue stuffed bear.

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