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    • My sole photo
    • I don't have many photographs. Not of people. No, my walls are decked out mostly in plants and animal prints. Personally, I think that some photos with people just look like they're watching you, ALL THE TIME. It's creepy.

      But I do have 1 photo I always keep around. It's one of me and my Grandaddy, who passed a few months ago. In the photo, he's just come back from work and is sitting on his bed. I'm up right next to him, smiling in my footie pajamas like a child in a candy store- I was 6 after all. He has his arms around me, and I just like it. His eyes never seem to be inspecting or glaring at me from the photo- they are a familiar, calming blue. Like he's telling me to be strong. To not be afraid to move on. I look at that photo, and I feel- peace.

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