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    • My life -- the prequel
    • When Sal met Gigi, they never thought they would actually click. Sal was an arrogant, handsome, self-indulgent young man, he was a successful photographer at the moment and Gigi was...well Gigi; a young girl, a dreamer who loved books, writing, romances and classic music. They had nothing in common, not a single thing; their tastes varied like water and oil. Gigi hated photography while Sal found classic music rather dull and boring. But there was one thing that Sal was different from Gigi in...he really loved her. There was nothing in the world that he loved more than photography, but whenever he met Gigi he felt that tingling in his stomach and love translated for him into an increasing love of taking photographs and long strides along the beach coasts. But Gigi was never interested in Sal or any other man, all her dreams were to be a writer and take language courses, all the while watching romantic movies and crying when lovers departed. Sal didn't try to get close to Gigi. Why would he when all he could do was tell him mother, to call Gigi's mother and ask her for Gigi's hand? Beware, for these two are about to witness a crisis of a lifetime...arranged marriages.
      Fastforward: Sal asking for Gigi's hand, her father accepts, she reluctantly agrees, horrible engagement, the two don't communicate, Sal doesn't understand Gigi, Gigi finds Sal aggressive and insensitive, their mothers fight, Gigi's father soothes everything, Wedding time approaches, Sal's father dies, agreement between the mothers on a non-celebratory wedding, Sal marries Gigi, tasteless first time, honeymoon in Thailand, sperms attack ovum...there Jay goes

      (part of this might be a tiny bit untrue) ;)

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