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    • My life -- the prequel
    • What on earth does 'Prequel' mean? Is it one of these silly modern day usages?. I even looked in my dictionary and it is not as far as I am concerned it does not exist....
      However I will try to write 500 words about my formative years...if you get really can always word count..

      I was born in Basildon Essex UK in November 1939. at that time it was not even a village let alone the big town that it is today. At that time it was about six houses scattered far and wide.
      I arrived into this world whilst staying at my Grandparents house as it was during the war years and it was safer in the countryside than in London.

      At the age of 4, I went to boarding school in Leigh on Sea Essex whilst my Mother worked in London.
      I rarely saw her...
      At the age of 6, I was transferred to Thornleigh School for Young ladies in Tunbridge Wells , Kent and I stayed there until the school closed. I was then 12 years old.
      still I rarely saw my Mother.....but I loved her with all of my heart!

      I then went to live with my Mother and her new husband and attended Vauxhall Park secondary Modern School, This was where I met my future husband and the love of my life.

      I left school at 15, got married at just 17 , became a mother at 18 and again at 20.

      Divorced at 30, remarried at 31 had my third daughter when I was 33.
      divorced again when I was 50.....remarried at 56 and so far I am still married and no plans to be any different.

      I have three beautiful daughters whom I love with all my heart . I have three great step-children who have brought so much joy into both our lives. We have umpteen grandchildren and great life has been good.

      So is this a prequel to the story of my life?....I still don't know but I do know that my life has been great.
      It has had it's pit falls, its low times and its high times but what has sustained me through all of this is my Faith in God....
      So when I go to meet my Maker I shall go with a happy heart and a ping in my step..I could not have wished for anything more

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