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    • The one experience which changed my life was ...being born!

      I must admit that I do not remember a lot about this great happening in my life but I do know that it was indeed the beginning of the experience surpassed by no other. Living!

      It was all a very long time ago...1939...some of you were not even a twinkle in your daddy;s eye then.

      I arrived on Friday 23 November in the early morning. My place of birth being was my Grandfather's wooden bungalow in a small sleepy little village of Basildon in Essex. Maybe calling it a village is a bit of an exaggeration. It was a hamlet..just a few house scattered in the countryside.

      I was a skinny baby. Maybe it was the lack of good food as the war was about to start so maybe food was a bit scarce. Anyway there I was, a new arrival into this great big world.

      I don't remember staying with my Grandparents for very long because my Mother had to get back to London to go to work so I assume that she took me with her.

      The place where we lived in London was Upton Park , very near to the West Ham Football Stadium. It was a dingy basement flat with a small concrete back garden and a toilet outside. I only know this because my Mother told me.
      The years from birth to three years of age I cannot recall but at 4 years of age I was in St Michael's Boarding School Leigh on Sea Essex.

      So , yes I would say that the biggest experience of my life was being born. I have had many other experiences since then , some good some bad, but I have always plodded on.
      Now I am approaching the Autumn/Winter of my life and I can honestly look back and think what an incredible experience it has been.

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    xenophobia22 said:
    Miss Whiplash...You write with honesty and truth. I love what you wrote. I truly believe with time, comes great wisdom (Oooh no a cliche...) Thanks for the Bio! ;-)
    posted over 2 years ago