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    • Favorite poem
    • I would have to say "The Raven" by Edgar Alan Poe....
      Once upon a midnight dreary
      While I pondered weak and weary
      Over a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore
      While I pondered nearly naping
      Suddenly there came a rapping
      As if someone gently tapping
      Tapping at my chamber door
      Onlt thsi, and nothing more....
      Well , gee if you read the entire poem, it is like a weird twisted story about a man and his long dead lover. It is weird and creepy. Also, I had to memorize the thing for a poetry class, and it never left my brains' data base. I love the poem because it tells a sad story. It desribes how painful the grieving process is. If you have not read it, I do recommend it.

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    potatojam7 said:
    Oh my gosh! My seventh grade English teacher read that to us, and when we got to the "Lenore, Lenore" part, she did this weird bird pecking thing that looked so funny and freaky!Sorry about that random thought!
    posted over 2 years ago