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  • Blogging is about expressing, sharing, connecting…and what else is blogging to you? See all answers
    • Blogging is....
    • Blogging for me is that time away from everything else that's going on: classes, work, interning, my (attempt at a) social life, etc. It's time for me to write my thoughts out, and try to get a sense of all of the crazy things that have happened to me since the day I moved into my dorm last August.

      To me, blogging is me expressing myself in anyway I can think of, even if it's simply by writing a couple of paragraphs in between classes. I'm always looking for something new to write about. I think I spend more time in my classes free-writing than I do paying attention or doing any productive note-taking. I need to work on that, but anytime I get a notebook in front of me, it just happens.

      You can talk about anything you want to in a blog, even if it's random topics off of Plinky as I choose to do. Sometimes it takes a topic to get started, but where you end up in your writing can be completely off track from where you started.

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