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  • What's the hardest decision you've ever had to make? Why? See all answers
    • A stoaner decision Ah took,

    • Well crying about decisions is all right in its own way while it lasts. But sooner or later we have to stop and decide what do.
      The Middle English decisioun from Middle French, in turn from latin decision- decision from decidere was first used in the 15th century.
      It essentially means the process of deciding, a determination arrived after considerations, may be a report of a conclusion, no matter what, Jose N.Harris has it right in MI VIDA where he says waiting hurts, forgetting hurts, but not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful.
      Somewhere we are abssessed over whether we are making the right decision, we are basically assuming that the universe will reward us one thing and punish us for another.
      The universe has no agenda, once we make adecision it works round that decision, there is no right or wrong only possibilities that shift with each though feeling, and action that we experience.
      If you think this is hot air, then just be present to those moments when you have taken a decision, and how everything within you alters, the heart rate, the muscle tension, the visual tiredness everything. This logically alters the body biology like metablic rate, temperature, electric gradient, and maybe even magnetic field. So definitely the environment would move in a certain direction.
      When I have had to take difficult decisions, one thing that I realized was trusting my instincts, and making judgements the way my heart leads, for my heart will not betray me.
      Unfortunately at the end of the day we cannot choose everything simultaneously so we live in the danger of becoming paralyzed by indecision, terrified by that every choice may be the wrong choice.
      Just say “Yeah hi hai right choice baby” and the decision is done. “

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    StratPlayer said:
    Potential of paralyses?
    posted over 2 years ago
    parwatisingari said:
    yes, situation paralyzed or shall we status quo?.
    posted over 2 years ago
    parwatisingari said:
    stoaner scottish I put the title for translation to scottish so a hard decision translated to stoaner.-- if you want to try it try
    posted over 2 years ago