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  • Differences and similarities: which divides us more? See all answers
    • Ah, the soapbox prompt
    • Similarities
      We all
      1. Eat
      2. Drink
      3. Eliminate
      4. Sleep
      5. Breathe
      6. Laugh
      7. Cry
      6. Die
      We don't all
      1. Think for ourselves
           We just parrot thoughts we have been indoctrinated with
      2. Consider the other person first
           We just consider people we know sometimes
      3. Have much money, property or comfort because we work for people whom are willing to let us labor for minimum wage while they don't
      4. Have an education because we're working for minimum wage tryring to keep ourselves
      5. Have peace because there are people willing to let us live without it
      6. Health coverage
      7. Mental health, some of us are born with faulty wiring

      Occasionally we get laid
      One way or another

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