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    • I Am Different (We are Different)
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      Than you
      Is what I am
      Similar to
      I exist
      Showing you my soul
      That you may never
      For as a young man
      I attempt to stand
      Confident, speaking
      With older men
      Mocking it
      I try to communicate
      Is exactly how you need to get your
      About the doubt of me
      Proudly sounding out
      A’s, E’s, I’s, O’s,
      And you
      Other writers brood
      On things I can’t empathize with
      They may not be able to comprehend
      The size of it
      My pain
      Passed down in my light last name
      From generation to generation
      Insanity runs
      And I try to be different
      Than you
      And yet so similar to
      Your anger
      Is mine as I release it
      And bequeath it
      Onto all around me
      Astounded that I’ve found me
      Screaming at my
      That I’m ashamed to have
      Pure motor functions
      I can’t stand that I share with my dad
      Like how I talk
      When I’m mad
      I stand with my voice full
      Of purpose
      Yet murdering any soul
      Who dares to stand up to it
      In arguments
      I am the only one
      On my side
      For I reside so resolute
      In problems that are completely untrue
      For you
      Testing that you
      Might have
      For me
      Loving me for the pain
      I lay out in front of me
      Attempting to build a tougher me
      In a crowd of honey bees
      That suck the life out of me
      Students so rowdy
      Disallowed to
      Have an opinion
      Teachers smitten with indecision
      About how much to let the students participate
      In written contracts
      Determining a pact
      In which we lack
      Any similarities
      Most peers instigate
      A period in which all assimilate
      The idea
      That drugs on campus
      Aren’t bad
      What in other schools
      Would make seniors not grad
      Here, possession ends in drab
      Fabulous getaways
      Where in getting caught with pot
      You can say
      It was because you were sad
      And be allowed to come to school everyday
      Of deceiving an already broken system
      I am different
      Different beliefs
      Not desiring friendships with these
      Boys of men
      Who tend to disagree with any authority
      And that really
      Is the core of the
      I am older than they
      Experienced so much in my age
      That I attempt to disassociate
      Rating me below grade deans and teachers
      Whose features
      As they spurt words
      That students can’t get in trouble
      For their problems
      Because they aren’t the ones responsible
      I mock them
      And just wait
      To get out
      I am so
      And yet so similar
      To them
      My peers
      Because in the end
      Everyone has their fears
      The leer over their shoulders
      Different from you
      Is what I am
      Yet we are the same
      So in the end
      So is the issue
      That everyone needs tissues
      To wipe away pain
      Remaining unstable
      Is what we all are

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