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  • What's the hardest decision you've ever had to make? Why? See all answers
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    • The hardest decision i have had to make was deciding whether to move with my dad or stay with my mom when I did that I was split in half because i loved both of my parents now not so much . At the time I wanted to live with both my parents but i also knew that i couldn't. I was scared because I knew that I would not be living with my sister that was what I was most affraid of simply because she is the one that i would say i probably love the most. Me and her would fight alot but i still love her . I can still think of a million things that we did that would make my mom mad but we really didn't care as long as we were having fun that was all we cared about. One time she pushed me off the couch and literally broke my neck and then there was another time when she pushed me and i slammed into a wall and put a gigantic hole inside it. Many other fights would soon come but some may be too inappropriate to say on here. Since i made this decision I have been alot better I have been alot happier as well.

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    LaTeaLaV said:
    I agree with you, having to choose between parents/family is a hard decision. Because you know that you love the both of them and you don't want to make a decision between your own parents... I mean it would be a lot easier if you loved one more than the other. But that is just plain out cruel to choose between the people that raised you, cared for you, gave you things to help you live. There is going to be times that you made a decision that you regret, but there is also going to be times that you will remember as your favorite decision.
    There was one point in time when my mom and stepdad got into an argument, they made us decide on who we wanted to live with. I chose my mom because I personally think that she has been the one parent that has been there for me the most. She has helped me with my problems, helps me with school/homework. Takes care of me, makes sure I have food to eat, clean clothes to wear and a roof over my head. Till this day, she still takes care.
    posted over 2 years ago