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  • Write about the experience that got you into writing. See all answers
    • How did you begin writing?
    • The expeirience I think Writing gives anybody is the freedom and expression of heart if you really put, some thought into the writing. Writing Isn't just something you hear about for published author, or the Philosopher not just what you see with the soldiers writing loved ones back home or the in mates sitting on death for hanus murders convictions writing their masterpiece epihany's. NO NO It can be for the most patient parents, I have learned at a young age that the roughten toungue can hurt more than fists ever can pack the punch "'', Writing really can and; did change the, world that we see today, forever since the earliest of early human we have been the first culture of organism to start documenting and recoridng our own lives the earliest documents shown are on thecave walls of earlist human life.

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