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  • Think of three important years in your life — not including the year you were born. Why are these 3 separate years so important? What happened, and where were you? See all answers
    • Gestalt?
    • At the age of 18 I was forced to aggressively confront a system contingent on obedience rather than personal freedom. With no room for autonomy, I initially challenged this system and was later strongly advised by all those around me to not attempt to change this system, but rather to conform to the expectations of those within this system. I begrudgingly acquiesced and subsequently learned that conformity is never an appropriate choice when faced with fear of reprisal. My experiences during that year galvanized integral aspects of my value system like integrity, autonomy, and critical-thinking.

      During the second half of 24 and the first half of 25 I lived abroad. This was my walkabout experience, my time of testing in the wilderness. Bereft of all meaningful relationships, solitude and loneliness were my companions, introspection my guide. I conquered most of my demons and left having internalized self-reliance and a nihilism that precariously balances between brazen courage and rampant self-destruction.

      The last year would be this year. The present is always most salient and I feel ripe for extensive creative output. I feeling on the cusp of something big.

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    jospanner said:

    posted over 2 years ago
    jospanner said:
    hi Guinball, sure you're not my lost twin? 18th year, could've been writ by me.- left home under cloud of own making to give excuse for leaving, found the conformity I'd been carrying on about forever was still there, entrenched and subtle even where it wasn't supposed to be. March on. 24-25, likewise...the lonely traveller. the 3rd is now. better make the best of it, having survived this long as a moderately sociable (or I wouldn't be writing this), lone wolf mystic non conformist.
    posted over 2 years ago