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    • My ideal home
    • First and foremost: the setting.

      A dirt road leads up to the home from a further off main road. The dirt road doesn't look like much, so not many people turn onto it out of curiousity. As you turn into the driveway, you have to slow down because with pavement, potholes will naturally occur and I'm much too lazy of a person to deal with those (you'll understand once you see my home).

      Some twists, some turns, you'll ooh and ahh at the trees and wildlife around you. We've made sure to disturb as little of the property as possible, so the animals still feel comfortable living and eating here. About five minutes of driving will finally lead you to our front door and a peek at half of our garden.

      The house is set back...unobtrusive, built into a hill so that the roof is covered in grass and flowers (think Hobbiton). There's a door off to the right of the house which leads to our root cellar (it's a round door, of course). Peeking through the roof are various built-in round bottles that allow light to stream in and the entire front of the house has large windows and an inviting round door that you open.

      Inside is an open floor-plan...from your vantage point, you can see all rooms (our bedroom is slightly lofted toward the back with a curtain drawn for privacy). A simple floor made of recycled yoga mats (an idea we stole from a friend) allows you to stretch and exercise anywhere you want in the house. No television can be found, but if you look closely in some cupboards, you'll find our laptop.

      In our previous homes, clutter was always a problem. Always. But here we've managed to eliminate it by using the space we have and getting crafty with storage space. There is storage built into some parts of the floor and built into the walls. We've consciously backed away from as much paper product use and of course, with our garden and root cellar outside, pre-packaged food is a thing of the past (unless we get a hankering for Annie's Mac & Cheese).

      We're more focused on function rather than design, so you'll have to excuse our light decorating style. We want our home to be peaceful and easy on the eyes, but inspiring so we've gone with different colors on the walls and the rugs rather than hanging decor. We have more plants than we do furniture, but the air we breathe in here is so much better now (especially with John's allergies).

      Our home isn't only ours but it's also our cat's, so we've taken some ideas from my aunt and uncle's former home: there are perches here and there that Grif can jump & climb to, along with cat size holes toward the ceiling that he can run across a wall ramp to in order to get from room to room. A large cat tree that leads up to the ramps can be found in the living room...most days I swear that cat never touches the ground!

      Lots of comfy seating and a large kitchen: those were my two requisites for this home. Whether it's a futon, a bean bag chair, or a hammock, I wanted them. As for my kitchen, it's the biggest room in the house. It's set up for socializing as well as cooking, baking, prep work, canning, and easy clean-up. A wood stove is basically all I use, though a regular stove is around in case I need it. Bins for vegetables have been built into some of the drawers for easy access and a door leading from the kitchen to the outside brings me within a few steps of my root cellar.

      Speaking of the outside, you haven't seen our garden yet! It's still growing; though I'd like to claim I'm a green thumb through and through, I still have a lot of learning to go. So I've started with my standbys: kale, tomatoes, carrots, beans, melons, lettuce mix, and sunflowers. Next year, I'm adding potatoes and corn, so wish me luck.

      The view from here is stunning though it doesn't reach very far. We're in a valley with very few trees (naturally, not clear-cut) so we're able to garden quite easily, but not too far from us is a forest. It provides a wonderful place to hike.

      But no hiking yet...we have to eat dinner. So pull on an apron and help me finish up the cornbread; the chili's almost ready. It's a new recipe, but I guarantee it's going to satisfy.

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