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  • Write about the experience that got you into writing. See all answers
    • How did you begin writing?
    • I've enjoyed writing since elementary school. I remember that whenever a teacher told us to write a story everyone else groaned, but I was happy - for once an interesting assignment! It's something I enjoyed all my life.

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    yellow said:
    Uh, I can really relate to this! Too bad in highschool my teachers didn't think that fantasy was a required skill. Assignments started to be always booooring. "Write an essay about Romantic Literature", stuff like this. I was never asked to write a story about aliens, cowboys, talking animals, wizards,parallel universes...A shame, ain't it?
    posted about 1 year ago
    saiyansecret said:
    Oh yeah, in later years that changed! "Write an essay on zzzzzzzzzzzz..." Lol It wasn't all the time we got story writing, but it was fun while it lasted! ^_^
    posted about 1 year ago

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