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  • Write about a time when you didn't take action but wish you had. What would you do differently? See all answers
    • I know there will be a next time, and I hope I am ready.
    • I wish I did all the little things that make life easier for all of us. All the time, I mean. Sometimes I let cars out at busy junctions, sometimes I don't notice then when I have to wait for a kind soul to pause I think karma has got me. Sometimes I say nice things to people just because I can, sometimes I stay silent in case they think I'm a loon.

      Sometimes I think about the bigger decisions I have made. I chose my university because it was comfortable and familiar, not because of my grades or its reputation. What if I had taken up my offer from a more prestigious establishment? I wouldn't be the person I am today. I wouldn't have met my husband. I bet I would still have the same job but in a different city.

      What about other aspects of inaction? Recently my mother suffered from a life-threatening disease. She is elderly in outlook if not in age, increasingly frail and lucky still to be with us. I got a chance to put my years of taking-for-granted, complacent inaction right. She knows that I love her and will be there when she needs me.

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