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  • If you were supreme ruler of planet Earth for a day, what changes would you make? See all answers
    • Supreme ruler
    • Oh I so wish that were a post that I could apply too. I would do so well as the supreme ruler of our planet and even if it only for one day I’d make so many changes that the world would be a better place!

      First, I’d ban all unnecessary political parties and make all them worthless assholes get real jobs. Do something useful for a change. I’d also make me supreme ruler forever so I can continue making all these awesome rules and changes in this world. Then I’d make it mandatory that all religious places or worship be banned, all religions made obsolete and instead all these buildings converted to make affordable or even free housing for those who are homeless or do not have a proper place of residence. With real food & clothes being served to them. Mandatory jobs for all these people so they can get back on their feet. Or should I make Friday part of the weekend and give every new baby chocolate eclairs?

      Holidays will be a must; people need to rest & relax from the rigours of daily life. 2 days off and 5 days working for everyone and it is compulsory. No strikes or harthals or bandhs allowed. Borders will be just for keeping things in check, nationalities will be a thing of the past. Everyone is a human and the earth is our home. So no nationalities or nationalism. Sports will be a must however and teams will be based on their location but no nations fighting with each other. Racism will be made illegal, gods all chucked out and places of worship & idols to be destroyed and religions to be abolished – no hindusim, no chrisianity, no scientology, no judiasm, no islam, no youslam! All holy books to be thrown away and burnt! Science, music, arts and creativity will be encouraged and we will spend all our efforts to make life better for everyone. And oh – can’t forget the pets! Dogs, cats and other animals to get shelters and adopting them will be encouraged. 1 family of 4 or 5 can have 2 dogs & 2 cats or more! Take care of them.

      Space exploration will be given the next most important status. Cause we’re gonna need it. Oh and marijuana will be legalized for everyone! What else?

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