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  • If you were supreme ruler of planet Earth for a day, what changes would you make? See all answers
    • Trish's Fantasy Planet
    • Well, right off the top of my head, first, there would be NO pollutants of any kind, people would respect and nurture the planet, businesses would not be permitted to pollute in ANY way; the land, air, or work space, etc.

      Second, there would be no homeless children and adults in ANY country, and there would be plenty of good food, water, shelter for ALL. Not only would all of these things be plentiful, they would also be 'first rate'. There would not be any 'class' system nonsense, no keeping up with the Jone's!

      The peoples would work in jobs they truly enjoyed, and be paid very well for their efforts. Everyone would have free medical, transport, insurance, etc., all at superior coverage and reasonable and easily affordable rates.

      There would be a government body that was 'for the people', taxes would be minimal if at all, and their leadership and policing would ensure that all inhabitants lived in harmony. Of course, since I am the supposed 'ruler', my approvals would be necessary, and my word final.

      Crime of ANY kind would not be tolerated, and generally, not exist to even worry about!

      Truth, cleanliness, respect, dignity, love, laughter, beauty, health, wealth (in comparative terms), would prevail on the entire planet. The inhabitants, including animals, would all live in contented unison and the universe would be a beautiful, pristine, and peaceful place to be.

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    xenophobia22 said:
    I enjoyed what you wrote. Your Fantasy Planet sounds ideal. Can I visit ?
    posted about 1 year ago