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  • Beach or forest? Which do you prefer? Why? See all answers
    • Which one?
    • Hmm if by forest you mean rainforest, I'd choose the beach in a heartbeat.

      Two things come to mind when people mention rainforest; humidity and insects. Both happen to be things I have an intense dislike for. Yes, there'll be yummy fruits that I can eat and cool animals I can encounter but omfg AT WHAT COST? Of being sweaty and gross all the time and being a walking buffet for mosquitos!? At first I go all starry-eyed at the amazing biodiversity of the rainforest and then I realise it extends to insects too and I think about the forest floor teeming with ants and beetles and spiders and god knows what else and I feel like curling into a ball, shrivelling up and dying.

      Which is why my choice is the beach! It's more open and refreshing and cool. It might get hot but fret not, the ocean is there to cool you down! And hardly any insects waaakakakaka, that is obviously my main motivation.

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