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      Skunk Encounter

      Oh, The Mighty Skunk! How odiferous thou art. When I have trouble with the foul stench of gas station bathrooms, I think of how much WORSE you smell, and then I'm all better. When I think of the odor you produce, I realize you are right up there with gangrene, rotten corpses, and vomit. You are lengendary, and no one comes close to your putridness....(Except for the occassional unwashed derelict.) I have to hand it to you Mr. Skunk, when you want an unwanted guest to leave YOUR party, YOU ALONE, can clear a room faster than anyone I can think of. You are the perfect "weapon" for the Military. We could drop a crate of you fellows behind enemy lines, and "ferret" out the bad guys. What better non-lethal weapon could the U.S. Military come up with? We should slap a medal on your furry little chest!

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    • xenophobia22
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    xenophobia22 said:
    After reading that, I'm beginning to think they're cute!
    posted about 1 year ago