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    • What's up with PLINKY?

      Rowan's 'Sad Face' at Jack-in-the-Box

      I like this site. For several MONTHS I have come daily, yet no one makes comments. If they do, I do not get them. None of my stuff is rated, so I think there is either a glitch in the system, or I can not see the ratings. If there is NO FEEDBACK, then I really doubt if I can continue. This really stinks but NO ONE gets back to me in HELP either.
      See the woman in the picture sulking? That is not me. That's how I feel. I'm not allowed to use my own pictures on PLINKY. (I don't know why...) Let's change the name to "HINKY" or even "KINKY" 'cause sumpin' aint right !!

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    xenophobia22 said:
    Since NO ONE has commented. I will. Yesterday, I could not even get into PLINKY. I hope someone gets back to me about the glitches. I'm not losing sleep over this, but it is sad!!!
    posted about 1 year ago