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    • October 3, 2013 by lkazel
    • Savoring My Guilty Pleasure
    • Having recently retired to a remote part the Adirondack (NY) boonies due to retirement from a beloved career in urban Connecticut, I quickly discovered that my addiction to Dunkin Donuts coffee would now require a 36 mile round trip drive, equating to +/- $10 in gas for the SUV I felt was a necessity in this land of " 'X' feet of lake effect snow falling all at once." This presented a few minor problems: plowing-yeah, whatever; outrageous heating bills-um, a shocker; dark dreary days and long nights-get moving girl.None of these issues can be rationally addressed without my Dunkie's coffee-ain't happenin.'

      A little perspective is in order. First, that large cup of joe I grabbed through one of the five Dunkies within a mile of my residence was required for my hair-raising morning commute in Connecticut's often mind-boggling traffic; this was now a moot point. A great thing! But...and isn't there always? Now in major penny-pinching mode, I had to find a solution to the pricey Dunkie's ground bags of coffee. No Maxwell House, Folgers or GACK!, Brand X for me. Not now, not ever.

      My solution to savoring the the daily delight of Dunkie's coffee was to spend even more money, now very tight,on a cheap Keurig. No K-cups for me however. With this city girl's newly discovered pioneering spirit required for existence in this woodsy backwater, I headed for the DIY route with a you-fill-it container and filter system that works just fine thank-you-very-much. I now keep several pounds of my precious Dunkie's on hand and stock up on a regular basis especially when winter is upon me. And, yes, if I had to spend my last 5-spot, I absolutely would not EVER leave that store without a blast from the past: a large black with sugar and and two old fashioned donuts. Old habits die hard.

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    MDK said:
    LOL!! I'm jumping up and down and turning cartwheels in the background! Cheering you on!!!!
    posted about 1 year ago