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  • If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why? See all answers
    • Cure for Gout
    • If I could create one single cure, it would be for the gout (without a doubt!) For anyone who is plagued with these disease can tell you, the effects are morbidly crippling during a flare up. Usually gout affects the big toe, but can be found throughout the body. I currently have it in my ankle. I say currently because it started in my big toe, then spread to my ankle. From there it can go anywhere. I can assure you that gout in the ankle feels like a hundred times worse than the big toe. I can walk through a sprained ankle and big toe gout. But when it hits that ankle, I'm lucky if I can crawl. The slightest movement, no matter how slight, is excruciating. I've spoken with wounded veterans who've told me that gout hurts worse than being shot. I believe it. Thankfully, we have medication to control the flareups, but they are not perfect, and can damage the liver over time. I know that studies have been done, and have found a link between gout and other ailments such as stroke and heart disease just to name two. Trust me, gout isn't just an "old man's" disease. Many of us young people are plagued with this ailment. Finding a cure or vaccine for this disease will greatly improve the lives of those currently afflicted, and for those yet be burdened.

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    • Mark Brenlin
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    StratPlayer said:
    Gout & Shingles
    They're still hounding my path
    posted about 1 year ago