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  • …for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation. See all answers
    • For tomorrow, we die
    • Dining companions? Setting? Conversation?
      Be serious.
      I wouldn't move from my living room, food would be ordered in from wherever my family wanted, loads of it. My adult children would be with my husband and me, our dog would be in my lap, my mother would be with us. We would not talk about the end of the world but the memories we had. We would talk about the good times, the happy times and we would not be looking at any clock. Let the world end when it does, we are holding on to each other like any other Sunday, with good comfort food, milk shakes, champagne, anything our hearts desired. No limit. Nothing fancy, nothing different, just a lot more of it. Now is the time to coax those less inclined to talk to share their feelings, to show emotion. Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't. You can't change people you just have to accept them the way they are. If you are disappointed it really is YOUR problem.
      No fights, no domineering, just balance. Love, kindness, support, appreciation. To have had what we did have, together. We close our eyes together and fall asleep.

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    amigo said:
    this sounds like I'd like to be there with all of you and bring my dog and friends and family too
    posted 11 months ago