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  • What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected? See all answers
    • Love to Love you Love me.

      Being kind and thoughtful to other people is very important to me, being sensitive to their needs. My favorite person is my husband who is also kind and supportive, probably in different ways. We both have huge hearts, we both probably care TOO much and feel disappointed in people who are not as warm and understanding as we are.
      This is the way we are, naturally, it is who we are inside. Dealing with selfish and self-involved people with no feelings about anyone but themselves is hard for us. Most people are not like us, we are lucky to have found each other. In this great big, self-involved world, we are definitely in the minority.
      We have each other for now, I'm terrified, absolutely terrified for the day that one of us will be left without the other.

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    joanmaias said:
    I can understand very well how you feel. Sometimes it can help if we manage to put ourselves into the skin of those people which are not as warm-hearted or understanding as ourselves, their conditions, family, environment and education may not have allowed them to develop such positive qualities, they may have suffered themselves heavy disappointments which have produced a negative skeptical attitude. Missing a person whose warmth towards us nourishes us may certainly be a big loss, knowing that the physical presence of this person in impermanent we valuate it even more but knowing that it will have an end as all the phenomena which surround us. However even when this person is no longer manifesting he will be actually in us and in any other person whom he has been in contact with.
    posted about 1 year ago