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    • Cheering up your friend...
    • Let's face it Jane, life can really bring you down. It's full of rejection, heart-ache, and physical as well as emotional pain. Here's what you do to feel better:

      1. If someone is overly critical or annoying, distance yourself from them. Tell them politely, it's time "To move on", and go. (If you have to change your cell number, so be it.

      2.If you find your life is sooooo boring, you are ready to scream, change things. Try a new hobby, find new friends, or get a better job.

      3. If things are really rough, try humor. Learn to laugh at the world, and enjoy smiling and laughing. Don't forget, use that mouth for something other than EATING!!

      4. If people are physically agressive with you try martial arts. You will learn how to get back your power, when someone pushes or hits you. You don't have to hurt them back, Martial Arts teaches you DEFENSE first, to protect yourself.

      5. If you just can't handle the stress talk to someone. If you can't afford therapy, get help from a friend who knows how to listen. Everyone needs a sounding- board now and then.

      6. If you are not appreciated by those around you, try to do something positive for others. Volunteers are usually LOVED & APPRECIATED!

      7. Find joy in the little things in Life. (A baby's smile, a sunset, a walk on the beach, or even a brisk jog at sunrise...)

      8. Treat yourself with respect. Eat the forbidden dessert. Forget calories for one day.... Give yourself a break.

      9. Learn to walk away from anger. If anger darkens your door. Go some place quiet, by yourself and chill....

      10. Learn to forgive. Hanging on to negativity is a killer. If you forgive the enemy, then you are free to live a happier, healthier life.

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    amigo said:
    I'm gonna follow you and two others, I've only started on this journey. Your points above are interesting, and if I journey them I'm wondering if I already knew those points in my heart but actually still need to get there on so many of them. all good ideas. just some are difficult, not that they aren't great advice. post more so I can read. I read, try to learn, and then I'mprove if at all possible to reach that raised bar
    posted 11 months ago