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    • One day I'll roll in a new Camaro
    • The dream car.

      Camaro Concept

      Most would say Lamborghini,Bentley, maybe even Porsche.
      I live right by Ogden Avenue In Illinois and you can find every car dealer imaginable down this little stretch of road.
      The other day I was driving past the good old Chevy dealer and I see this beautiful black shiny new Camaro.This car had my mouth down to the floor and wishing and trying at the same time to talk my wife into letting me buy it. Well needless to say I am still driving the same old vehicle I have been for the past two years.

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    tamahomejenkins said:
    Yes, this car is quite amazing. First fell in love with it when I saw that Transformers movie. Now we just have to hope Chevy will still exist in 2010 :P
    posted over 5 years ago