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  • What's the most useless thing in your house right now? See all answers
    • This WII is just taking up space
    • And the wife is right again

      Here ( Wii ) Go

      I would have to say the most useless thing in my house would have to be the WII that I insisted my wife and I buy. We rarely play it.
      What a waste of money. It looks fun on TV but most of the games are just boring. And yet again the wife is right.HA HA

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    Elle_eh said:
    can i have it?
    posted over 5 years ago
    sahmiam said:
    The kids love our Wii, but I don't think I've touched it more than a few times. I can't remember the last time it was turned on.
    posted over 5 years ago
    wpb30635 said:
    Donate it to a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Center. They use the games as ways of giving the residence exercise. The Wii is actually very popular with seniors who use them to create Wii bowling leagues.
    posted over 5 years ago
    Elle_eh said:
    like i said...can i have it?
    posted over 5 years ago
    lilacattack said:
    We have a wii in our house we barely use too. I wanted to bring it to college with me but it doesn't even have any games! I just borrow my friend's.
    posted over 5 years ago
    snipergirl said:
    man I want it too!!!
    posted over 5 years ago

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