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  • Sweet new metal detector! What did you just find in your backyard that you're so excited about? See all answers
    • Via Plinky: What I just found in my backyard that I'm so excited about...(though 'tis only a dream...)
    • My latest plink on a prompt that took me about 1.2 seconds to answer and needed no revisions whatsoever. My happiness and joy in its purest form, with no hesitation.

      Marvel comic books. Old ones. From the 60s and 70s. A whole stash of them, buried in some kids 7th grade time capsule and clearly long-since forgotten. It's filled with various copies of early Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Avengers comics from a time when comics were pure and characters were being shaped and molded into the eternally-living icons they have now become. Heroes at a time when the world needed heroes, and humans at a time when heroes needed a touch of humanity. The wonder and awe of my childhood wrapped into the yellowing pages of modern mythology.

      They may not be metal themselves, but I'm glad that kid left them in a metal container. Good work, little metal detector...

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    StratPlayer said:
    You actually have a 12 cent Marvel???
    posted over 5 years ago
    mikebilleter said:
    Nope...I kind of just figured the prompt was a "what would you like to find if you had a metal detector" and went with that approach. That's why I added the "(though 'tis only a dream)" portion of the title.
    I'd give just about anything to have one (or many of them) though.
    posted over 5 years ago