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    • AdmiralSol
      • hello Rayree Almirante
      • Username: AdmiralSol
      • In response to: "Who are you?" "I'm just a guy, I fall in love, I draw my feelings, and I write my experience. I fight with myself, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and keep secrets as well."
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    • Emergency EVACUATE!!! Wait? I need these!
      • Whenever I thought about what type of items I would grab in an instant, I kinda thought that it would be either logical and rational items... You know, like Wallet, Important Files of some sort, Cell Phone, and something else...

        However I realized that isn't what I would normally do.. especially when I panic.

        I would probably first grab my wallet, but only if it was nearby me or on me.

        Next would probably be my Messenger bag, because there are usually important things I would have in there. But that would take up 2- 3 objects already.

        So the last thing I would grab, mind you may seem silly. But I would grab this Blue stuffed bear I had since I was 2. Although I am an adult now... I don't think I could bare to have to lose Berry behind, and even though I don't even play or use the bear anymore, I have plans for him.

        Berry is going to be either my child's, or nephew/niece's bear one day... I don't plan to lose him before then.

        1) Wallet.
        2) Messenger Bag
        3) Item in messenger bag. [Could be cards, external hard drive or games]
        4) Item in messenger bag. [Could be cards, external hard drive, or games]
        5) Berry the blue stuffed bear.

      • answered by AdmiralSol on 01/17/2013
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    • Inspiration, Yeah it comes and goes with the tides.
      • To get inspired, in this day and age is not an easy or common thing to do anymore... so where do people go to inspired with creativity?

        BLOG IDEAS

        Hm... Well I go online for my creative inspiration. I like to read blogs and stories that get my creative mind running. Then when I get stuck in a rut, I start blogging, or even go here to start typing and answering questions.

        Honestly... I just need to find things that could get my brain going on some tangent or rush of ideas...

      • answered by AdmiralSol on 05/08/2012
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    • "Fate is not the same as destiny..." As in you can't change one of them.
      • Why is there always a debate about fate or the existence of fate. Can't fate be a part of any religions designs? Sound skeptical to you? Yeah sometimes it is to me as well. But here's what I think about "Fate".

        Faith Fate

        Actually, I do believe in fate... I believe God, however is in charge of that said fate. I don't want to sound religious in any sense though... but I just believe "everything happens for a reason". There are things we can control in life... but who's to say that these choices aren't placed in our laps and why do some choices seem more appealing than others.

        We can go against fate... and many people have tried. But sometimes, and this is just a whimsical thought, Fate doesn't exactly stay kind to those who defy it. Fate is a part of life... no doubt about it.

      • answered by AdmiralSol on 05/07/2012
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    • Only 3 Things? I don't understand alot more than that!
      • So, I've been told that I'm pretty naive. Plenty of my friends get annoyed or frustrated when I don't understand somethings. I don't blame them... but sometimes or eventually my friends don't bother explaining things to me... because it becomes "awkward".

        But there are 3 things in life that I may never "get".

        cheeky atm innuendo

        The three things that I will never understand... Either because I don't want to understand it.. or I just can't work my head around it.

        1) Innuendos of any kinda. Like the sexual ones... or even "That's what she said." Seriously... Why is only a girl saying those things... Also how is eating a banana or Popsicle sexual in any way! I don't understand these things at all!

        2) Why guys or men act like jerks, and girls or women act like "bee-otches" (trying not to curse here!). Why is it necessary to act like that at any time? Why do people do it on purpose sometimes too? I just don't understand how people could be mean or cruel to others.

        3) Why there are still double standards in America. Time's are changing people... and who are we to judge someone before knowing the whole kit & kaboodle! Okay not the best phrase for that...but seriously the one that bothers me the most is that "Guys can date or sleep with alot of women and be 'studs' or 'heroes', While girls who just talk or date alot of men are 'sluts' or 'whores'

        There are more things I don't understand, but those are the top three!

      • answered by AdmiralSol on 05/07/2012
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    • When did I become an Adult? Mentally I'm not even there.
      • I actually still don't think I am an adult to be honest. I have yet to realize it. I know I am technically an adult, legally and physically speaking. However my mind still feels like I'm 13-14 years old. Maybe not even. My friends consider me "innocent" and "naive" because I don't like listening to adult subjects or ideas. I don't even understand innuendos half the time.

        I would like to say it's entirely my fault... but part of the blame falls on my friends in my opinion. When someone first meets me, they try to "corrupt" my mind... but then after a while... that thought becomes 180 turned over. Now all my friends desire to protect my innocence. Either that or they just gave up.

        I dunno... I still act like a child... and I have to grow up at some point. But when it happens... I don't really know.

      • answered by AdmiralSol on 05/07/2012
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