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    • Pick a fortune...
      • Fortune Cookies

        'What is meant to be will be'

        'Look for the light in every situation'

        'First find happiness within yourself and happiness will find you'

        'Never settle. Strive for greater than you think you deserve'

        'Slow down'

        'Always take the scenic route'

        'Take the time to notice the beauty in the small things'

        'Smile more'

        'Dance, Kiss and live with passion'

      • answered by Andie on 11/12/2012
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    • My Favorite Childhood TV Shows
      • I have fond memories of so many programmes from my childhood but I'll try to concentrate on ones that I remember from when I was really young

        Camberwick Green ~ The opening credits actually make me cry now sentimental fool that I am :) There is something incredibly soothing and beautiful about it.

        My second choice is Bagpuss for the same reason really

        The Flumps~ I think The Flumps where on of a lunch time so I must have been very young . The tune still evokes such happy feelings. I had it as my ringtone for a longtime.

        Another show with a great, happy theme tune was Jonny Briggs. Everyone in school including me loved this show. I've just watched some clips on youtube though and found it a bit depressing. Hate it when that happens. Ah well....great opening theme

        The Pink Windmill ~ mainly because I really wanted to be a pink windmill kid *whispers* I still do a bit... OK I still do a lot.

        Metal Mickey ~ In my defence I was VERY young

        which leads me onto

        3-2-1 ~ It never made any sense to still doesn't but awwww look at Dusty Bin. If only Dusty Bin could be wheeled out during all of the confusing moments of my life. He'd never leave my side. I had quite a few cuddly Dustys and ornaments. Oh and a mug. I was such a cool kid. I wonder what happened to my (totally unofficial) Dusty Bin jumper?

      • answered by Andie on 11/10/2012
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    • Childhood Toys: I wish I still had my...
      • Major Morgan
        Awwww toys used to have such character and what a little trooper he was. Ok, so all of the tunes were a bit samey and probably torturous for any adults but I loved him. Bless you Major Morgan....I suppose your batteries ran out and then you mysteriously broke....unable to be all of the other vaguley noisy toys I used to have.

        My Grifter
        I loved that bike. It never split in two like my Chopper or forced me to make hazzardous decisions like the Racer. The Grifter was like the beginnings of a mountain bike I guess but it was so was like pedalling a tank!

        My doll collection
        I had a huge collection of little dolls. I gave them away to younger family members but I sooo wish that I'd have kept them. Just for the novelty value now I suppose. They were so random I could never replace them all.

      • answered by Andie on 11/05/2009
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