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    • Bambi_Panda
      • hello Ambria Siska
      • Username: Bambi_Panda
      • In response to: "What was the comfort food you enjoyed most growing up?" Wendy's Frosties :)
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    • The top five items
      • I would grab my stuffed animal dog, my phone, my school stuff, my blanket, and a book of quotes that I got for Christmas. <3

      • answered by Bambi_Panda on 01/17/2013
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    • Where in the world?
      • I would to choose to live in London because it seems like such a fascinating country and I love British accents.

      • answered by Bambi_Panda on 01/14/2013
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    • Way back machine
      • The earliest memory I have is standing by the door at my preschool. I was surrounded by parents and other classmates because we were headed to the zoo for our first field trip.

      • answered by Bambi_Panda on 01/10/2013
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    • The ultimate job
      • My ideal job is to work as one of the writer's for the Union Tribune. I absolutely love writing and I want to get paid for doing something that I love and will do for the rest of my life. If I'm not a member of the Union Tribune, then I want to be an Author and write novels. I think I'm going to try and do both because they're both things that I love to do, and it's been a dream of mine to have one of my books published. <3

      • answered by Bambi_Panda on 01/09/2013
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    • Back in time
      • The song that reminds me of when I was little is 'Never Grow Up' by Taylor Swift because it reminds of hanging out at the park with my parents and friends and all the fun stuff my family did.

      • answered by Bambi_Panda on 01/07/2013
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