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    • Chabella
      • hello Isabella
      • Username: Chabella
      • In response to: "If you were in a movie right now, what music would be playing?" This Is Hardcore by Pulp
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    • Screw you lukiemia!
      • I lost a good friend to lukiemia at a very young age of 19. Jorge this one's for you. I miss you!

        I joined the National Bone Marrow registry in the spring of 2010 and in the Spring of 2011 I donated bone marrow to a male lukiemia patient. I hope he's doing well and is with his love ones.

        I dedicated that act to Jorge Enrique S. Amigo, te extañamos muchísimo y espero que estés bien donde estas. Que descances en paz Jorge.

      • answered by Chabella on 01/06/2013
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    • I believe
      • In the atoms of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and etc. Ghosts? Perhaps. The occult and all things creepy intrigue me.

      • answered by Chabella on 01/05/2013
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    • You & me
      • Cozy Bed Guest Room

        Wake up next to my significant other and we would make breakfast together. Take a walk at a park. I just want to be with my significant other.

      • answered by Chabella on 10/07/2012
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    • That Special Book in My Life: The Bell Jar
      • ShutMyEyes

        The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is my special book. I like the way it's written. I love the way Esther Greenwood explains her "insanity".

        Ms. Greenwood and I share the same name as well...It's a real personal explaination why this book has a special meaning to me.

        But now I can read it with ease.

      • answered by Chabella on 05/28/2011
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