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      • hello Dannesha Harris
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      • In response to: "Who are you?" I'm the most complicated-balanced person that I'VE ever met. I'm a mother, a lover; exercise junkie, couch potato; hard worker, procrastinator; love to laugh & want to be taken seriously,I'm me!
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      • A smile and a giggle

        My sweet, adorable nephew, Jahari. Although I have 2 very beautiful sons of my own, Jahari deserves to be recognized as being important because he has such a limited support system. He is 20 months of pure unbiased joy. No matter what troubles I am dealing with, just one hug in his chubby little arms can wash my concerns away. Jahari does not know his father, and his mother (my sister/who shall remain nameless), is often too wrapped up in her own dramatic lifestyle to show him the love and tenderness he deserves. But he doesn't complain (not because he isn't talking yet either). What he does do is soak up the love and affection shown to him by the rest of his family and treasure every minute. This child has taught us that even though you may not be born into the best of circumstances, if you embrace every day with a smile and a giggle, everything will be alright. Babies are here to bring us joy and to allow us to realize that there are more important things on this earth than our own selfish wants and desires. There are tiny people out there counting on us to make the right decisions and see that our actions not only affect us, but countless others. I am thankful for Jahari, he deserves to be here to continue to remind us that life is a gift, and we should approach each day with a smile and a giggle.

      • answered by Danny_Marie on 11/19/2012
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