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    • DennisR
      • hello Dennis Reasinger
      • Username: DennisR
      • In response to: "Who are you?" I'm a 50+ married guy with two grown daughters, two grandsons, one grand daughter, and three micro-dogs. Retired Army NCO, Excel geek, I like to read, surf the web and go walking...
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    • I have confidence in me
      • I make Excel spreadsheets to document personal property claims and to be honest, I am damn good at it. I know my way around Excel. So what would I like to be better at ? Let's start with being a better Excel geek...

        I could learn more about the statistical functions, pivot tables and the like. Or I could become a master of VBA coding....

        Or perhaps something different entirely. I could develop my writing skills or increase my proficiency at one on one communication skills....

        There's all sorts of things ! Let's focus and get busy !

      • answered by DennisR on 03/27/2014
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    • My most recent web search....
      • My most recent web search was for "computer science wikipedia links". The reason for the search was to find a lengthy list of Wikipedia CS links that I had come across quite a while back.

        So why was a searching for such a thing ? No reason in particular I guess; so now I have a link to the list on my blog....

      • answered by DennisR on 01/05/2014
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    • How is it going with my New Year's resolutions ?
      • I'm doing a perfect job keeping them ! Not that I am so efficient and energetic as to be perfect in keeping promises; the truth of the matter is that I am such a bad procrastinator that I failed to make any resolutions. But, there is always next year.....

      • answered by DennisR on 02/28/2013
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    • My ideal job.....
      • I like what I do now which involves a lot of data entry and manipulation with excel spreadsheets. Although I am part of team I am also more or less a solitary worker; just me and my spreadsheet.

        I won't go into details but a criticism I would make of my current job is that it is too much oriented around the idol of materialism: far too much emphasis on money and things. Don't get me wrong I do like money as much as the next person but I think our entire culture loves it far too much.

        So my ideal job would probably be a lot like what I do now, lots of data and spreadsheets and would fit my basically introverted personality while still allowing for some friendly interaction with co-workers. And ideally would involve something more humanitarian than chasing after the big bucks.

      • answered by DennisR on 01/09/2013
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    • Too much money ?
      • Personally I find it hard to imagine having "too much" money because I always seem to "need" more than I have. But then I consider that there are so many people out there who are lacking basic needs such as food and shelter and then I consider the lavish lifestyles and obscene profits of the "1%" which leads me to conclude that; yes there is such as thing as "too much money".

        The key thing to me though is that it is not easy to determine exactly what "too much" really is. Whatever amount of money a person has, they should put it to good use rather than wasting it or spending it frivolously. An important part of using money wisely and well is to follow the teachings and example of Jesus and other great religious figures and share the wealth by helping the poor and needy !

      • answered by DennisR on 12/02/2012
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